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4.6L DOHC Single Turbo Engine

5.3L DOHC Single Turbo, Dry Sump, Mech Fuel Pump

ProWeld  has always offered complete Engines, I guess were just making it official...

     We build everything from complete factory offerings to all out race engines, with most somewhere in between the two extremes. We have supplied parts or complete engines to those building Cobra Replicas, Factory Five Kit cars, Original Cobra Restorations, and some that transplanted the Cobra 03-04 engine into Ford GT's. The Ford Modular Engine is just now starting to see activity in the Hot Rod, Kit Car markets, and other Project vehicles. The range of 2-Valve, 3-Valve and 4-Valve projects is heating up and we can supply any engine you want or demand, from 300 to 1500 horsepower!

     We can provide the complete Engine or just the Short Block, it's your choice. We specialize in doing Complete Engines, where not only is the Engine built to your needs, but the Fuel System, Ignition System, Power Adder, Wiring and Plumbing is also installed, making for a complete ready to install package. We are a dealer for Telorvek Wiring Harnesses, and use them almost exclusively in all our modular engines. They make the best wiring kits, bar none. The number one complaint or trouble area on these engines is in the wiring. There are just too many connections of vital parts to be messing around with old used harnesses, let alone one trying to modify one harness to do the job for a different engine combination.
Do yourself a favor, if you don't listen to anything I have to say on this page, please listen up to this advice, and start your new project with a New Wiring Harness. It saves time, will save you money, will work, and most important, it will keep working. Our wiring is easy for a
Ford technician to follow, do diagnostics and make repairs on. You will be far ahead if you follow along on this…..Trust me.

03-04 Based Engine for American Iron Series

4.6L DOHC 03-04 Cobra Engine

4.6L DOHC 03-04 Cobra Engine

This is a clean example of a 99-01 2-Valve Engine

2-Valve Engines

     For a long time, the 2-Valve market was pretty stagnant...But there has been a real interest in 2-Valve engines since the release of the new Trick Flow Heads, and the improvement in both carbureted and aftermarket fuel injection systems. This re-designed head allows for much better breathing, in-fact the stock un-ported heads flow much better than any high dollar, custom ported 2-Valve Head. This means more HP for much less money, and better efficiency and improved power output. The small size of the 2-Valve Head makes if perfect for smaller engine compartments, and lower hood lines. You can choose from cast iron or aluminum blocks, and have a very powerful small block engine, one that fits in many vehicles without having to modify or replace the firewalls. This makes the 2-Valve a great choice for many Hot Rod or Kit Car Vehicles.

     It offers both Performance, Weight and Size advantages the other Modular engines don't, plus it is the most affordable engine to build and maintain.  Think about it for a moment?  You have half the Valves($10-22), Springs($5-12), Retainers($3-15), Hydraulic Tensioners($35-45), Chains($35-45), Hydraulic Lifters($4-8), Rockers($10-30), Cam Journals, Seals($2-4), Valve Seats($25-45) & Guides($12-35) compared to a 4-Valve Engine!  I assigned a dollar amount to the items listed, that range from stock to race in price, take each example and multiple them each by 16 and  you'll see the difference.  The Savings are very real!!  Plus add in the repairs cost savings: cheaper to rebuild a  2-Valve Head, less Porting work, less cam journals to repair, less weight and half as many items to fail.

     The 2-Valve Head was limited at one time by flow.  You can only get so many air thru any head, and at one time, the air flow was very poor contrasted by the 4-Valve head.  This limited power, so the 2-Valve Head so never considered a real power engine.  Now things have definitely changed, the newer designs of the Trick Flow Heads have very good Flow Numbers, meaning they now can make as much power as any other Modular Engine Head.  So if you like that look, have limited space under the hood, or just need to trim some expense from your project, the 2-valve Modular Engine is now a very viable option.

ne of the few 3-Valve Engine we built.

3-Valve Engines

3-Valve engines are the newest in the line of modular power plants from Ford. They too offer smaller engine packages which work well in Hot Rods and Kit Car re-powers. The 3-Valve Heads flow some very impressive numbers right out of the box and the variable Cam Timing makes great torque and power. You can have a factory Ford like engine, or customize one for your specific needs, either way they fit the bill for many applications. The aftermarket has responded well to this engine, and there are many custom pieces available for it. 

     Ford built a ton of these 3-Valve Engines, in everything from the F-Series Trucks to Mustangs.  With a model run from 2005-2010, the engine had it's legs chopped from beneath it by the all new 5.0L Coyote.  I don't think the 3-Valve will go down as anything but the worst of the Modular engine design.  Head issues with over-heating, spark plug retention and breakage, plus many problems associated with short engine life when pushed for more performance, has left this engine with no further aftermarket support.  Too Bad, I think under the right circumstances this would be a nice little engine, with great potential.  But Ford lost interest very early on, and the aftermarket cut product development as soon as the 5.0L was released.

01 4.6L DOHC Cobra Engine

4-Valve Engines

     The 4-Valve Modular Engine has to be one of the Greatest designs Ford has ever come out with.  The highly complex and efficient design work extremely well, and has amazing power for such a small displacement Engine.  While no light weight, and certainly not considered a compact engine, the Ford 4-Valve has graced everything from Ford trucks, Sedan, and Sport models, all the way to the best and most expensive vehicle Ford has ever produced, the Ford GT.  Voted one of the best top 10 engine designs in history, the Ford 4-valve Engine has a very special place in my heart.  

It is the reason I got into this, and the reason I stay!

     To say we specialize in the 4-valve Engine would be an understatement.  I simply adore the thing.  While every other US manufacturer continued to build engine based on very early designs, Ford has always set itself apart by being very aggressive in new engine technology, and not being afraid to bring it's designs to market.  In the very beginnings, back in 1996 when they released the first 4-Valve Engines.  Up and until that time, to get a V-8 DOHC 32-Valve Engine, you would have to shop the exotic car market, not Ford.  Only Ferrari, Lamborghini, and a had full of specialty makers made such engines, and the price was astronomical.  In fact, the first several years, Ford had what was to be known as the "Teksid" Block.  The very first 4-Valve Engine Blocks, These all aluminum TEKSID Blocks were made in Turin, Italy by TEKSID Aluminum Inc., the World's leader in Cast, Forged and Lost-Foam Aluminum engine parts. TEKSID, provides the world's best automotive manufacturers with the highest quality aluminum pieces in the world! They provide Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Porsche, Opal, Ford, Maseratti, Audi and many other automotive manufacturers with the highest quality aluminum parts available.

     Yes, I consider both the old and new 4-valve Engines to be World Class Engines.  We specialize in the 03-04 Cobra Engine, which many refer to as the " Terminator" Engine.  This is the most popular platform to work from as it is probably also the best known performance platform available.  Generally, I consider the 03-04 Engine to be good for up to 600-625 horsepower, after that you need a bigger blower and better internal parts.  But, with the 4-Valve Engine as a whole, there appears to be no limits on its potential!  Today we see 2600-2800HP and with the new 5.0L engine coming along, there appears to be no limits except rationality and money.  The 4-Valve Engine market is just getting started, and with so much attention today on both Superchargers and Turbochargers, the future looks quite good.

     You do not have to spend a fortune or need 2000HP, most application call for far less power, generally 500-750HP.  This is very reasonable, attainable and reliable.  There is no mistaking a 4-Valve Engine, with its huge Valve Covers…many mistake it for a Dodge Hemi Engine.  But truth be known, it is physically larger then a Hemi, and weighs about the same.  As noted, power output is excellent.  Reliability is very good, with many engines exceeding 200K miles between major service.  Fuel economy is also one of the engine's excellent properties, most combinations, in both automatic and manual equipped vehicles, constantly report low to mid 20's for their fuel mileage figures.  Way better than the 5-9 MPG most Hot Rodders experience.


4.6L 03-04 Cobra Engine

4.6L DOHC 03-04 Cobra Engine

Blue 4.6L 03-04 Cobra Engine with Radiator & Hoses

Blue 4.6L 03-04 Cobra Engine

Test Stand W/4.6L 03-04 Cobra Engine

4-Valve 03-04 Cobra "Terminator" Engine

     In Both 2003 and 2004, Ford Built one of the very best modular engine of all time, the Ford 03-04 Cobra Engines.  Best known as the "Terminator" or 03-04 Cobra Engine, it has a huge following.  These engine produced an amazing amount of power, and yet managed to get over 20 MPG of the highway!  Sold only in the highest line of Ford Mustangs, known as the Cobra package, Ford sold just a little over 15,000 of these cars in the two year span….but that doesn't really tell the story. When these first started hitting the streets, all the known rules changed overnight.  Everyone wanted one, but the high price tag prevented most from enjoying this engine, and with that can the huge following.  Websites were built around this car, as was many retail outlets, the draw was amazing, and it hasn't change a bit…These are the most sought after engines there is, right up there with the Hemi's..except the Hemi's were placed in millions of cars, over several decades…remember, there were only 15,000 -/+ of these built! And in only 2-years! 

     I think it's probably fair to say, that there has been more engines built to this specification then all of the original engines from the factory.  It's just that popular and that good of an engine!  Combine that popularity with the ever constant decline of available engines and parts, and you have a classic.  This will be the engine that we all look back on and say "Boy what a engine".

     We specialize in this 03-04 Cobra engine.  We wanted everyone to know that you can get a new Cobra 03-04 Super-charged engine, or just the parts to build your own engine, right here from Pro Weld.  The engines we offer are 100% new, Ford Cobra Engines!  Not some make shift, used want a bee.  We build them per Ford Cobra Specifications, with 100% new Ford Parts! ! !  We also can supply you with any replacement parts for you project or all the parts needed to turn your long block into a Cobra replica.  Like anything good, it comes in a limited number, and so these parts are getting harder and harder to find, both new and used.  We keep a constant look out and supply of both new and used parts.  Very soon, the day will come when there will be no more "Terminator" parts from Ford, it's already getting tough…Don't wait any longer for your dream engine.

New 4.6L Cobra Engine getting wired with new Harness

DOHC Engine with BBK Headers

New 04 Cobra with 3-stage N2O & Water Injection

Ford Flathead Engine with Twin Turbo Set-up

4V American Iron Series Engine


Factory Five Kit Car Customer


Cobra AC 4-V, 5.4L Engine


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DOHC Valve Cover

Original Factory 03-04 Cobra Engine

4.6l 03-04 Cobra Engine, Polished Blower, BBK Inlet

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